Misalignment Couplings

Geislinger Gesilco Coupling & Shaft

The main components of the Geislinger Gesilco® coupling are: 

Our couplings are made from advanced materials which are lifetime-calculated. They provide superior chemical resistance.

Geislinger Gesilco® shafts feature one-piece manufacturing with an included composite flange. This combination reduces the weight by approximately 50% compared to other composite shaft line solutions. Outstanding shock capabilities and excellent acoustic attenuation further underline its use in advanced vessels running at high speeds.


Geislinger Flexlink Coupling

The Geislinger Flexlink coupling consists of inner- and outer components which are connected with pairs of crossed steel links. 

The Geislinger Flexlink is a torsional stiff coupling which provides low bending stiffness and nearly infinite lifetime. 

One Flexlink element in combination with a torsional elastic Geislinger Coupling or two Flexlinks provide a cardanic system which enables maximum misalignments.

The Geislinger Flexlink design also implements an emergency backup system, which is an important factor when considering solutions for marine propulsion applications.