Torsional Couplings

Geislinger Carbotorq® Coupling

The Geislinger Carbotorq® uses silicone elastomer and, unlike other couplings, uniquely separates the misalignment function of the elastomer from the torsional elasticity. This is achieved by using a pair of corrugated composite membranes to which the elastomer is connected. In the case of misalignment, the corrugated membranes act as a cardan system, thus, the elastomer load (shear) is only minor compared to the conventional rubber coupling solutions. 

Focusing on the weight issue, a combination of Geislinger Carbotorq®, Geislinger Shaft and Geislinger Membrane Coupling is first choice. This unit provides a very lightweight drive train solution and forms a maintenance-free cardan-shaft drive with extremely high misalignment capabilities. 

The composite materials also provide high internal damping for high-frequency vibration and, thus, excellent acoustic insulation. In combination with ultra-soft resilient mountings, outstanding sound attenuation is achieved. 

100% in-house manufacturing of all components ensures that stringent Geislinger quality standards are met.


Geislinger Steel Spring Coupling

Leaf springs transfer the torque and provide elasticity, pressurized oil gives hydrodynamic damping. 

Stiffness and damping can be pre-adjusted individually. In this way the coupling is able to shift torsionally critical speeds and dampen torsional vibration. Resistant to heat and oil, the Geislinger Coupling is perfectly suitable for all types and sizes of machines but in particular diesel and gas engines. Using high-grade steel and advanced design, the coupling provides constant properties over the whole lifetime. 

As not every engine can provide pressurized oil supply, Geislinger has developed oil-filled and spray-oil supplied steel spring couplings. Both implement the proven reliability of steel springs to provide torque transmission and elasticity, but use the oil mainly for lubrication.