Monitoring System

Geislinger Vibration & Power Monitoring System

The GMS has a modular design and can be customized by adding additional monitoring functionalities or algorithms. It provides an easy-to-use USB interface for data acquisition. Intuitive operation by just pressing a single touch-button goes in-line with the robust design and guarantees reliable operation even under the roughest conditions. 

Reliable sensors in combination with sturdy measuring gears detect torsional vibrations precisely in couplings, dampers, camshafts and drive shafts. Customized algorithms filter and calculate static and dynamic twists between the elements as well as the vibratory angle. The calculated torsional vibration values are shown on the colour display as figures, bar graphs or as FFT analyzed values. If the operating limit is exceeded, an alarm is activated.

The system features internal data recording –from this valuable information, Geislinger specialists can evaluate if the damper or coupling is functioning correctly. The statement issued can be used as an official service document. It is recognized by classification societies and can also prevent carrying out an overhaul.